Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Add and subtract

The holes left by the batwings were filled in over the weekend and a wooden "spoiler" was added by my dad. It spoils in more ways than one IMHO. Oh, did you care that it has the NASCAR 60 degree slant?

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Sunday fun

Last Sunday we had the whole team present, swarming like like ants over the wedge. Chris and Chuck got their hands dirty by cutting the front springs and installing the new brake parts. Mayuko did some bondorama on the rear deck and polished the brown paint. The other Chris, me, installed the stock car type rear spoiler (a few laughs about the spoiler being made out of wood) and slotted the front tower for camber adjustment. Tony was in a mostly supervisory position handing out tools and getting the brake lines bent to properly mate to the new Capri calipers.
Next week the plan is to install and weld the roll cage and exhaust systems, tune/bleed brakes and maybe paint the white parts of the car.

Thursday, March 13, 2008


Some of these comments are classic...

"Those things in the back makes it look like it's been wedgied by a Fiero!"

"What an absolutely mad combination."

"Triumph: Most inaccurately named car company of all time."

"I'm not sure what could top this--maybe a VW Corrado with a BMW v8?"

Stay tuned more pics to follow as we work on it this Sunday.

Thank you Murilee!
The coolest car website on the planet has now been graced by our Triumph TR7! Thanks to Murilee for the post!

Last Sunday we got a lot of work done:

Wired the alternator
installed new fuel filter
cut rear springs to lower the car about 2 inches
rolled the rear fender lips for clearance
checked and cleaned the rear brake shoes. cylinders and drums
replaced a steering shaft bush at the firewall
repaired a leak to the trans cooler
painted the rocker panels all around
test drive and checked for leaks

This Sunday the 16th we will have the whole team present, here is the check list of thingss to do:

Cut front springs
slot shock tower holes for camber adjustment
change oil and filter
change trans fluid and filter
tune up, cap rotor plugs timing etc.
install new front brakes, rotors, calipers and pads
grease front wheel bearings
paint front wheels
paint white portion of the car
replace top radiator hose
rivet panel from front spoiler to radiator for added cooling

It would be nice to have a test day at Sears point the end of the month if feasible, who knows what bits might fall off once on a race track!