Friday, May 16, 2008

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Our spirits were dampened by the passing of a fellow racer Court Summerfield from Team Cant Am, our thoughts and prayers go out to his family. All in all the TR7 handled and braked well, and it ran well before the fuel/carb problems sidelined us Sunday. We finished a measly 56 laps for 81st place :( On hindsight I think we could have benefited from some pre-race testing but we were working on the car right up to the day before the race. The photo above is what our car looked like for most of the race. All the haters were right, but I didn't see too many other um, kinda English cars out there. A great time was had by all except my dad who didn't even get to drive! He's promising to take that carb off and shoot it with his 12 guage. The reactions to our car ranged from stunned silence to "is that a Fiat?" Dope slap! With a roll cage in this thing we are committed to this car for better or worse. Undaunted we are gonna try to enter Thunderhill in Dec. Things to do for before then: 3 wheels & 4 new tires, new carb, pusher fan, roll bar padding, boil out and coat gas tank, new tie rod & lower ball joints.