Wednesday, October 28, 2009

New mill is in and ready for dual carbs

11:1 compression
Venolia forged pistons
Total seal rings
Fuel injected head ported, valves un-shrouded
Stainless valves
Modified oil galleys and oil pump
Port matched PBS dual IDF manifold
40MM IDF carbs with larger 34mm venturies
Lightened flywheel
Balanced engine
Delta cams
131 transmission
new drive train rubber bits
Maserati 6.5" BiTurbo rims

Wiring funny business

No wonder why I was blowing the occasional fuse and why the previous owner installed 25 amp fuses thoughout, I located this mess of burnt wire in the driver side rear quarter panel, it was fused to the metal on the inside of the fender. No wonder the brake lights didn't work. The runnig lights actually DID work!
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Usual quality control experts present

Suspension monkey business

I will let my daughter explain exactly what we did to the front of her 128 SL coupe, the bottom line is the handling is much improved and so is the ride height.
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Monday, October 19, 2009

A tale of two 128's

A cute story on Japlonik about my 128! I'm so glad at least this one didn't go to the crusher.
Check it out here