Sunday, November 15, 2009

Go fast plans for Baby

13" wheels with 165-70 rubber
Clubman seats
Seat belts!! not equipped with belts from factory
903 engine (mayuko's head porting magic)
trick intake mani from a guy in Socal
cam from same guy
cut the rear springs one coil
look for one of those little abarth headers
bigger carb
zoom zoom zoom

Pretty Baby!

This car survived relatively unscathed, all original paint NO bondo anywhere and minimal rust, the seats are trashed but they are crap anyway, looking for some club racer seats.

This is disgusting!

this is what the tank looked like after a week in miuratic acid
10 lbs. of roofing tar came out of the gas tank, I'm hoping it cam be saved

Baby's manifold and carb sealed up

Bill the short time 2nd owner, freshened up the head and freed up a stuck valve and got baby running (after sitting over 20 years in a barn), not real well though.
I discovered some air leaks around the manifold and base of he carb, so I made a gasket and got it all sealed up, I cleaned the points, plugs, and cap, and also dissasembled the carb and cleaned it. Finally I timed the engine and cleaned the points in the voltage regulator and it fired right up. It idles and revs very smooth now. Next up, change out the hoses and belts and stick a little baby cherry bomb muffler on it.
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Monday, November 9, 2009

Maybe gonna go to Medford to pickup baby Fiat this week

6 hours up 6 hours back minimum pee and breaks, Metal man's nephew has a trailer we can use. Lets see, we now have a Colorado Fiat, Oregon Fiat, and two San Francisco Fiats. Mayuko said no, but I still would like to have a 128, love that high revving little 1300, plus I have two new struts with KYB inserts ready to go. You gotta start somwhere.