Monday, April 28, 2008

Thats capital "R"

Our Triumph is finally starting to gain some "Real Racecar" characteristics. This is mainly in the form of stickers which are good for like, at least 5 horsepower.

Another development my dad and I drove out to Livermore and scored some 205/50/15 Kumoho Ecxta tires and wheels for $100 bucks off of Craigslist.

Monday, April 14, 2008

Graphics update

Along with a bunch of nice 70's style stickers I've been collecting off eBay over the last month we have a totally boss windshield sticker courtesy of Gene at Ark Sign. He hooked us up with a discount in exchange for an advertising spot on the car. Thats right folks we're sponsored! Contact Gene at 415-922-7446, located at 1101 Post St. in SF. Other crap to go on the car...

Vintage Giants bumper sticker:

Sparkly Star Wars:
And K-Billy super sounds of the seventies:

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Chuck welding

Last Saturday we got started on the roll cage, chuck is pretty handy with the mig welder and will be welding it together, my welding looks like turkey turds so I will help cutting and fitting the bars. This roll cage business difficult and exacting work, at this point I almost wish I would have taken tony's advise and had some pros do the work. There is some added urgency now that the race is a little more then one month away.
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Welcome to the team Mike!!

Our newest team member Mike is taking the place of the other Chris. Mike and Tony go back over 35 years and between the two of them have huge amounts of experience prepping and racing cars. Mike has had that 1968 Pontiac Le Mons coupe for 40 years!! Sweet! The main focus today was fabricating the muffler system hangers and the plan is to weld in some glass pacs Monday. Mike brings some needed expertise and craftsmanship to the Wedginator team! He will add more on his bio later.
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Mayu's 1981 Fiat spider a lot lower!

You have to admit it looks a lot better lowered.
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That's not a Triumph!

Mayuko is doing some strictly unauthorized Fiat spring cutting at the Wedginator compound, Tony's house on Lucky drive.
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