Monday, June 30, 2008

Some more SFW pics

After that carb excitement the paint job on the interior and roll cage seems dull.

Carburettor p0rn

Work continues to banish our fuel problems once and for all. Luckily Mike has all the free time in the world and a neighbor with fancy vocabulary to do this kind of are his notes

File # DSCF0451 shows the left venturi with a rough ring of casting flash in the "vena contracta"(the narrowest and therefore most effective part of the venturi profile, if it is smooth). I have smoothed off the other venturi to enhance air flow.

File # DSCF0491 shows the air jets of the venturi cluster. I have smoothed one and the other one is still original.

File # DSCF0506 shows the both polished venturis and venturi cluster just sitting in position.

File # DSCF0517 shows a brass tab that is holding the idle cam and preventing it from moving freely as it was originally intended. It is needed to provide a permanent stop position for the throttle linkage.

File #'s DSCF0519 -520 and -521 show a sequence of blocking the float bowl vent with screen,then crankcase breather filter and then safety wire. Not necassary if we were using a normal air filter.

All other aspects of the carburator are right on the money by the book. Enjoy the pictures.

p.s. The "vena contracta" thing came from my magna cum laude, engineering degree neighbor up the street.

Monday, June 16, 2008

Post Race Work

After getting our appetites whetted at Altamont, we will continue race the TR7. Post race work involves Mike doing a proper rebuild of the carb and testing it on his car, getting the rust out of the gas tank and coating it. painting the interior and another set of wheels and tires. I've joined the SCCA and we're planning to autocross it on July 21st at the Coliseum. The car is at my dad's house just down the street and although the car has no registration, plates or lights I think we can just drive it over there and not have to deal with the trailer.