Saturday, April 24, 2010

John's 3P

Here is Scratchy Bottom reader John's sharp lookin' 3P. I have yet to see either an SL or 3P on Bay Area roads since I've owned mine although I did hear of a
3P going to the crusher not too long ago :(

Tuesday, April 13, 2010


These two images is what our Fiat collection would look like if my dad had his way. In my opinion both look awful. Cast your vote in the comments!

Don't worry! This is just a photoshop job, to see the 128 with the CD58's scroll down...


28/36 Weber DCD carb

This carb along with one of Scuderia Topolino's intake manifolds will go on the 903, it will putt along just fine on the primary and will get with it when you step it down and the 36 secondary kicks in.
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Exhaust system

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Reversed top spring

Lowered the front about 2"
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Front bumper

I tightened up the front bumper by shortening the brackets about inch giving a cleaner look, no bumper brackets please.
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600 deck lid closed with 903 motor

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Shortened distributor

This dizzy was shortened by Thad Kirk, it is now possible to close the hood on the 600. Thanks Thad!
He can shorten one for you too!
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Yeah it's slow...

This quote from Murilee on Japlonik had me laughing all by myself at my desk this afternoon...

"The 24 Hours of LeMons Chief Perp, Jay Lamm, drove a caged, Hammerite-painted, Conrad Stevenson-ized '71 GTV as his everyday transportation for many years, and I can say from personal experience that it's a helluva car. Oh sure, I've been a passenger in the thing when Jay lost a freeway-onramp drag race against an older woman in a 5-year-old Accord who didn't even know we were racing, but the GTV sounded amazing! And that pretty much sums up the GTV Experience: by modern standards, it's pretty slow… but who the hell cares?"

This perfectly sums up my drive to work in the 128.

Carb upgrade on the 128

Another upgrade, this one not as noticeable. Basicall all of this has stuff been forced on me because everthing off my car is going to the 600. My old carb was going to go on the 600 but now theres a whole other ball of wax which I'll let my dad explain in another post.

128 wheel-gate

Theres been wheel drama on the 128 front...long story short my steel wheels needed to go on the 600. As a replacement my dad suggested these which are known as the TRON wheel:

These wheels are a HELL NO for me so I dug my heels in and refused to reconsider despite a really big YES campaign by my dad. A peace accord was reached when we took a trip to Joe's Fiat and uncovered a set of CD58's which are still a little on the fugly side for me but a damn sight better than TRON.

Compared to the steel wheels these magnesium CD58's are way lighter and provide a noticeable difference in performance. The car feels more nimble and quicker off the line. To my utter horror my dad wants to put these on the 600! Weight wise I would say that these are perfectly suited for the 600 and really should go there but it hurts my eyes just thinking about it. These wheels will NEVER go on the little Fiat. So on the 128 they will stay...