Tuesday, April 13, 2010

128 wheel-gate

Theres been wheel drama on the 128 front...long story short my steel wheels needed to go on the 600. As a replacement my dad suggested these which are known as the TRON wheel:

These wheels are a HELL NO for me so I dug my heels in and refused to reconsider despite a really big YES campaign by my dad. A peace accord was reached when we took a trip to Joe's Fiat and uncovered a set of CD58's which are still a little on the fugly side for me but a damn sight better than TRON.

Compared to the steel wheels these magnesium CD58's are way lighter and provide a noticeable difference in performance. The car feels more nimble and quicker off the line. To my utter horror my dad wants to put these on the 600! Weight wise I would say that these are perfectly suited for the 600 and really should go there but it hurts my eyes just thinking about it. These wheels will NEVER go on the little Fiat. So on the 128 they will stay...



hawk said...

I think they would be totally rad on the 600, whatever

Superasiaone said...

Stay tuned for a little photoshop work to see what TRON would look like on the 128 and what the cd58's would look like on the 600!

JC Ellis said...

I can show you what a 128 coupe (ok, 3P)looks like with those X1/9 wheels on it...mine came with them when I got it last year. People must have upgraded them off a bunch of cars in the 80's 'cause there sure are alot of them floating around out there. The center caps must have gotten lost alot, too. Mine are actually home-made disks that were held on with three small allen screws tapped in at 120 degrees (more or less.)

I'm with you, SA1...the TRON wheels just don't look right on a 70's vintage car. I'd stick with the CD58's. Actually, we all need MINILITES on all our cars!

Anonymous said...

The Tron wheels with intact caps are very wanted by the X people who need them. They are actually somewhat rare and valuable.