Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Team Wedginator Looking for racers!

Wanna be this guy? We are forming a team to apply for the 24 Hours of LeMons May 10-11, 2008 race at Altamont Motorsports Park. All costs of car/parts/gas/car entry fee to be shared by team members. We will try to sell the car and split the proceeds after the race (IF the car survives) or race it again! In addition, BYO-helmet, suit, gloves and $175 driver & temp. racing license fee (paid to organizers). Give us your contact info in the comments if you are down.

Somebody get my helmet! I'm ready!

Buck is rarin to go!

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Don't try this at home

It Runs!!

Our little Triumph TR7 coupe had been sitting for over 10 years on some farmland in Elverta, Ca. Within an hour I had it running with a small electric fuel pump with gas out of a can! The PO was right, it does have a rod knock when warmed up. We have started to decontent the interior but will leave the Sears 8 track stereo, is there a rule about racin while listening to your favorite tunes?

Sunday, December 23, 2007

V6 Conversion

When I first spotted this car on Ebay about 2 weeks ago I wasn't thinking of the "24 hours of lemons" race. In the back of my little pea brain I was thinking the parts on this car would go very nicely on my 80 TR7 (that little orange beauty in the photo). While the stock TR7's came with a 4 cylinder engine and about 100 HP, the much rarer TR8 had a small V8 Buick based engine with about 150 HP. Some owners replaced the anemic 4 banger with the Buick 231 V6, its a nice compact engine that sits back in the engine bay giving the slightly heavier V6 good weight distribution. The Buick engine was chosen because the distributor is in the front of the engine and won't get in the way of the hood closure on the TR7, unlike Chevy engines of the same size.
That's where our little car comes in, this 76 coupe was converted some time in the early 80's, it has a mid 70's 231 Buick engine (3.8l 2 barrel carb) with a Turbo 350 3 speed auto trans. and a very beefy Ford rear end. The PO said this car was roughly comparable to driving a 327 Corvette in terms of power to weight ratio. That may have something to do with the gear ratio of the Ford diff. and the small 13" rims. His words were " this thing goes like stink and will get sideways very fast if your not careful." Well that sound like an E ticket to me! I will get the car running tomorrow to see how tired this engine is. I have a line on a 252 Buick riviera engine (4.1l) from a wreaked car, it comes with an aluminum 4 barrel intake manifold. So imagine this car with a 4.1l engine and a Holly 390 or a small 4 barrel Quadrajet carb! We may have to de-gear the diff to keep the tires planted on the road!
This should tun out to be a fun little race car! I will know more tomorrow about the condition of the current engine and trans. Who ever did the original conversion on this car did a professional job, its not all hacked up, looking at it you might think it came from the factory like this, until you look under the rear of the car and see this massive Ford diff!

The work begins...

2 TR7's at team headquarters, 2 more than I have ever seen on the road in my entire chief body engineer there is some discussion on what to do for the paint. I suggested painting the Union Jack on the hood, (or I should say bonnet) but apparently it's in bad form... it wouldn't be hard for me to paint one on the roof. What to do for the hood and sides then? Flames? It's agreed that the brown has to go but the white is in good shape.

The team mascot really working really hard helping with the disassembly,

Least expensive rig on the road...

You are looking at $624 of automotive glory, Jeep $440, trailer rental $35, Race Car $149.

Picking up the Wedgie

Exciting day today as we drive up to Sacramento to pick up the Race Car...My dad and former took a little muscle to get the car on the dolly.

Saturday, December 22, 2007

We have the car!

Buy it now price on Ebay $149.99

Item Description:

1976 Triumph TR-7 with a Buick V-6 engine. To be sold as parts only. Due to the fine Goobernator we have in Caleefornia (I'll be Back) this is a boat anchor, as he signed in a bill at the end of 2004 stopping the rolling 30 years on old vehicles at 1975. So this is now a pile of used parts to be sold as such! They just happen to be assembled in the picture that you see, some dis-assembly will be required! Has TH 350 Trans 3.8 Buick Rivera engine Ford Cougar rearend. Just add elbo grease! It will scare the $hit out of you on the road! You will need a Transporter truck to pick it up! Add this fine pile of used parts to your spare parts collection to keep your TR-7 on the road!!! So if you have a TR-7 and need a pile of parts you are in luck!!! You won't find these parts any cheaper any where!!! Where else can you get this much iron for so little? BUY IT NOW!!! <(O:O)