Saturday, December 22, 2007

We have the car!

Buy it now price on Ebay $149.99

Item Description:

1976 Triumph TR-7 with a Buick V-6 engine. To be sold as parts only. Due to the fine Goobernator we have in Caleefornia (I'll be Back) this is a boat anchor, as he signed in a bill at the end of 2004 stopping the rolling 30 years on old vehicles at 1975. So this is now a pile of used parts to be sold as such! They just happen to be assembled in the picture that you see, some dis-assembly will be required! Has TH 350 Trans 3.8 Buick Rivera engine Ford Cougar rearend. Just add elbo grease! It will scare the $hit out of you on the road! You will need a Transporter truck to pick it up! Add this fine pile of used parts to your spare parts collection to keep your TR-7 on the road!!! So if you have a TR-7 and need a pile of parts you are in luck!!! You won't find these parts any cheaper any where!!! Where else can you get this much iron for so little? BUY IT NOW!!! <(O:O)

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