Monday, December 22, 2008

Stressin over the rain

100 shitboxes goin around a track in the rain bumper to bumper with speeds up to 80-90 MPH??!! I actually don't mind a little weather, I started driving at 13 on the farm in northern Minnesota. But what about all the noobs that are goin to be out there at any given time? Go fast inthe straights and slow in the corners and NO rubbin! The long term forcast is saying over cast with chance of rain Sat. and Sun. Stay tuned!

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Jalopnik post

We are in serious contention for the Index of Effluency award with our car. Here is a round-up of all the crap heaps in contention. Scroll down to #10 for our car. Unfortunately not many people are giving us much of a chance...but something they don't know is that all the Lucas Electrics on our car has been replaced by SAUL Electrics. He's the little known Norwegian bastard stepchild of Mr. Lucas. HA!

Odds and ends

Finishing up all the little stuff before the race including installing the air cleaner, roll bar padding and kill switch.

A trip down memory lane

Here's a pic the former owner gave me when we picked up the car. Sorry about the poor quality but it's a photo of a polaroid. I imagine it was taken some time in the early 80's just after the conversion. This is probably the maiden voyage with the new 231. Happy times. The owner has just picked it up from the garage and he's getting a pic with his buddy in the passenger seat. His buddy is rockin' a serious feathered hairdo and a printed shirt. He's looking down because he's busy chopping some lines or rolling a joint for the ride. Little do they know the owner is gonna throw a rod in the next couple of days. But for now it's summertime and life is good. In the background is a lady standing next to her busted Ford Pinto? wearing a tube top. Maybe one of these guys got lucky with Pinto lady since they have such an awesome ride.

Yellow thingee

Some bright yellow thingee that Mike bolted on...

5 speed manual install

My dad got busy with the all important 5 speed gear shift knob installation. (Note: The transmission itself pulled out of a '79 Olds Sunfire to be installed at a later date.)

Engine Mounts

Mike got the engine to mount properly and now it's level and sits further back and lower. The painted L brackets in the pic were fabricated to hold the 231 when the car underwent the conversion sometime in the 80's. When we replaced the engine last year we never could get the mounts to catch the L brackets properly so now we got mad Mike to get all crazy on that shit.