Monday, February 1, 2010

128 Update!

The 128 stuff has been unfairly left out of this blog primarily because it has been so trouble free. The camera only comes out when we start fixin' stuff and aside from a fuel vacume issue which a vented gas cap fixed and a broken H2O pump belt while crossing the Bay Bridge the 128 has been running like a champ. In fact it was our only driver for a while when the Focus was in the garage and the Spider was sidelined with diff. issues. Not content to let things be today's post is on improvements to the 128! First up was some tunes, the car came with the original "Astro-sonix" AM radio but with no antenna it wasn't much use and I'm not a big fan of sports talk radio. Then I saw this Jalopnik post on a ghetto fab amplifier installation. I don't park my car in a BART parking lot but I am super cheap so this was the perfect set-up.

I also added a cigarette lighter for charging.

Here you can see it peeking from underneath the map holder.

Full view of installation. Thanks for the great how-to Murilee!

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