Thursday, May 27, 2010

Head modifcation for 36 DCD

This is the area that needs to be ported out for the S/T manifold and 36 DCD carb, the head is pretty thin in this area so cutting it with a die grinder and cutting bit should be pretty easy, I will leave the head on and stuff it with shop towels to catch the grinded bits then vaccum it out and reinstall the head bolts.
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Lawrence said...

How do I send you some pics? Just found your blog, and I have some VERY fun pics of my 128 Sport from "back in the day."

JC Ellis said...

You are a brave man, Chris. I'd be scared spit-less that some little metal fleck would get in there and do irreparable damage. That being said, I probably would risk it...rather than pulling all that stuff off and the resulting stripped threads and snapped studs and general annoyance. Grind on, sir, grind on!

hawk said...

Send photos to and we will post them

I stuffed a bunch of rags down the hole and get at it, then suck the shit out of it with the shop vac
tell me about it, it took me over an hour just to get the original carb studs out!

hawk said...


If you send the photos to:

chris saul
1721 82nd ave
Oakland, Ca. 94621

I can have my daughter scan them and post them to the blog, we will take good care of the photos and send them back to you, thanks