Tuesday, July 13, 2010

128 got cleaned up for vacation

We freshened up Mayu's 128 and painted the wheels for the upcoming Oregon meet. Mayu will lead the way and I will follow with the new toy hauler, it should be an interesting trip. Towing the Starcraft with the 600 in the bed if the truck.


JC Ellis said...

Glad to see you guys are fixing up the 128 Coupe. It will be exciting to see it all clean and fresh! Beautiful little car.

Question: what size tires does Mayuko have on her newly painted rims? I recently replaced the old 175/70-13 Michelin X's that came on my 3P with some Sumitomo tires of the same size. Even though they are listed as 175/70's, they are significantly narrower and taller than the tires they replaced. Look more like 165/80's to me. They still work fine (its such a light little car), just lack that broad shouldered hunkered down stance.

Oh, and congrats on the new X 1/9. It must be getting crowded in the driveway out there.

hawk said...

sumitoma HR200
pretty good tire, reasonable price
185-60-13 is probably the sweet spot size for 5" rims

Wait till you see the engine mods!