Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Stump the Chumps

Stump the chumps recap time:

1500 engine, brand new Lancia short block deck height even with pistons from
factory I did not take any off the block.

FI head, Fiat head gasket installed

2.7mm approx total off top and bottom of the head

1300 tensioner I measure to be 59mm others say 60mm (which I just took off and
it came apart in my hand with ball bearings going everywhere)

confirmed continental 1500 belt last 3 numbers=069

tensioner pulley bracket pt# 4320684

adjustable cam gear by Apple diameter 124mm

lower crank pully from 1300

aux gear is plastic from ??

I could bend the long side of the belt past 90 degrees


sleeve the tensioner bearing (expensive?)
dremel out the inside of the tensioner bracket boss to gain 1mm maybe
1438 tensioner bracket=67mm diameter, probably too much?
any others?


It's weird that the tensioner fell apart in my hands did I tighten the nut too
much causing that? Ck that looking at the tensioner it's not possible to over
tighten since the inner races on both inner and outer bearings are captured by
the bracket boss and tensioner washers. I found all the bearings and put it
together again.

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