Wednesday, January 14, 2009


Mayuko and I will say goodbye to the Wedge, I think I can speak for her and say we would do it all over again. We were sent home early on the last day of Thunderhill because of numerous black flags. I got the first one for two wheels off, after that I got my groove goin. In the end we had 7 or 8 black flags, (two wheels off, 4 wheels off, 2 spins, and 3 passing under yellow) the only reason we didn't get kicked out earlier was the fact that our car was a Triumph and the Lemons peeps liked out car, having a cute bulldog didn't hurt either. The car was purchased by a team mate and hopefully will go on to compete, 1:40 was our best time at thunder hill but I think if the brakes were optimised with a bias valve so the rears would not lock up prematurely, that time would improve my several seconds. And when Mike converts the car to a 5 speed, look out!

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