Monday, March 2, 2009

Fiat Talk

Well our Triumph racing exploits may be over but now I will begin updating on a new project. You may have read a few of my previous posts on the Fiat and now I have more time to devote to it. Get ready for Fiat time! Originally we had really high aspirations but as usual there are budget and dreaded SMOG constraints. Now mind you there was nothing particularly wrong with the car when I bought it. In fact apart from an oil leak it ran beautifully. Then my dad and I found a brand new never been fired 2L short block in the junkyard. It was too good to pass up. The possibilities were endless, find a pre-75 spider with a blown engine and dump the new one in? Only problem is all the Fiats on CL have running engines. These damn things do not blow up. So its on to door number 2, build a higher compression performance motor and put it into my Fiat. We had all these wild fantasies about high compression pistons, re-profiled cams, fancy head rebuilding, adjustable cam gears...blah blah blah but we are in a recession people! I cant really sleep in my Fiat, plus I have a dog so concessions were made. Here are some photos of the removal. You'll see my dad in these photos but I did most of the knuckle busting under the car including those &%!*^$#@uckin' bolts on the top where the transmission meets the engine that needed a total of 3 extensions to get off.

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