Thursday, August 20, 2009

BMW recaros in the spider

These seats came out of a 90's 3 series model bought on Ebay for $350
The trick is to hack off the bmw tracks with a die grinder or sawzall, the front mounting welds can be ground down leaving the feet that already have small holes drilled in them, the rear part of the track has to be cut leaving about 2-3" and the inside rail needs to be cut down to the same height as the outside rail, simply bole the Fiat tracks onto the front feet after enlarging the hole using the same phillips bolts that bolt the tracks onto the original Fiat seats. The rear of theFiat tracks have to be tack welded onto the rails that have been cut down to about 3". Make sure the rails are square and the Fiat mounting bolt holes are exactly 15" on center. The seats fit nicely and all the adjustments work fine. The final seating position is slightly higher and they hold you in way better then the stock Fiat seats.

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