Thursday, September 10, 2009

There is a new Fiat in the family

This was a Craigslist find in San Francisco. Totally original 1974 128 SL. It had been sitting in a driveway just off Sloat Blvd. for about 6 years. Note the moss growing under the car...

That was when the husband passed away and his wife didn't drive so it sat until recently when she passed away as well. The car came with a bunch of used old parts. Apparently this guy never threw out anything so as he replaced belts, hoses, plugs, filters the old stuff was kept in it's original box with masking tape and "used" written across it. There were some NOS stuff like belts and bearings though. Also under the hood, masking tape with the oil change schedule written on it. We managed to get the car running and ran like a top ALMOST all the way home. I was stuck in traffic off the San Mateo bridge heading to 880N when it suddenly lost power. Managed to hobble to the 98th Ave. exit and it just became too hard to drive stop and go. The people in that neighborhood are super friendly and we got several offers to help out but most of them were missing their teeth. I'm just glad I wasn't alone or I probably would have gotten twice as many offers. Changed the plugs and still no dice. My dad managed to limp it home with me following in the truck. Could be a fuel issue...TBC

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