Sunday, December 20, 2009

128 rear spring lowering

We used some threaded spacers I found in an electrical supply house, the length is 1 5/8" with hardened bolts from my Fiat bolt stash.
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JC Ellis said...

An inch and a half spacer worked very nicely. I would not have thought it would have made as much difference as it did to the rear ride height.

I love that you "guys" use common everyday hardware (like spacers from an electrical supply store) where appropriate. I've always been a big believer in "hardware store engineering." Purists cringe and engineers wince, but if you're trying to keep something running that will never be a million dollar collectors item anyway? Save your money for the important timing gears.

Superasiaone said...

It's so true. This won't make it to a post but the windshield was letting water in when it rained so I just ran a bead of clear silicone around the outside edges. Not the prettiest fix but it's dry inside. I can see the cringing faces right now....