Sunday, January 6, 2008

The Donor

The heart for the little Triumph that could comes from this heap. A 1977 Pontiac Ventura in Santa Rosa that got banged up by the owners son. The conversation on the drive back centered on possibly registering the Triumph, currently the car is not in the system at all. Maybe we should hold off on that until after the race, the car could just be scrap anyway. If that happens my dad wants to save the engine and drop it into his '80 TR7. Another issue, we're all ass backwards on entering this thing. It probably should have been get team together, enter race, buy and prep car, win race. Right now we're at car & 4 drivers and we're not even sure we're in the race! I'm gonna be bummed if we don't get in. What the EF am I gonna do with the car? Maybe get it registered and turn it into my daily driver? I could sell my '81 Fiat Spider to make room in the garage. Can I go through the car pool lane on the Bay Bridge with only 1 person because I only have one seat?

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