Sunday, January 6, 2008

Thanks Rick for the nice Odd fire 231!!

Rick (from somewhere within 30 miles of Santa Rosa) is responsible for getting our little project well under way. I saw a post on Merced Craigslist some time ago, with 231 V6 as the search criteria. (Our Triumph has 231 with a bad rod) After chatting with Rick several times on the phone we decided to take a look. The owner of that beautiful 77 Pontiac Ventura is his son, he got it from grandma with less than 50K miles or so the story goes. After the front crash it was parked and sitting for a year.
We got around to turning it over, Rick assured us it was a "good runner", with a goodly amount of staring fluid we got it started and in the process starting a small under hood fire! My bad!! I should know NEVER spray starting fluid on a running engine! Rick raced out from the car and took off his jacket and doused the flames! After a bit the engine smoothed out and ran perfectly. We agreed $200 was fair with delivery included and shook hands. If anybody needs parts for full size Pontiac Bonnevilles, circa mid to late 60's Rick is your man, he also has a 66 GTO 389 4speed!! Its NOT for sale. Nice running low miles odd-fire 231 engines don't grow on trees (GM only produced the engine for 2 1/2 years before changing to even-fire 231's), most have been snapped up by the Jeep guys to upgrade their old dauntless 225 odd-fire engines. A link to some Buick V6 history here

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