Sunday, January 6, 2008

Havana, CA?

It's been a while since I've hung out in the old hood and my Dad remembers this guy from back in the day. We are assuming two things here...that all these cars are owned by one person and that the owner is at least a 75 year old man but the identity of the owner/s remains a mystery. Spread throughout a 1 block radius from this red house are 10 pre 1960 Dodge, Plymouth, Mercury's and a beautiful Studebaker Commander. The street is this guy's garage. Every single car is registered with current parking permits. Just moving these cars for street cleaning would be a full time job! A quick look on Google Satellite reveals no cars in the backyard but I'm sure this guy has 5 more cars laying around that we missed including 2 in the garage. He must be the bane of the neighborhood but nowhere outside of Havana, Cuba can you see such a glorious collection of 1950's American automobiles parked on the street. Should some of these cars be in a museum? Maybe. Definitely worth a Jalopnik DOTS special SF edition. Do you hear me Murilee?

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John said...

I've passed this guy and his cars for 30 years on my way to our Church at Turk and Baker streets. My brothers and I were always amazed at what he has on the street. For a while he had a DeSoto and Studebaker fetish which has taken a backseat to his Mercury fetish. Good luck on the race!