Thursday, January 7, 2010

Car love started with my grandfather

Back in 1921 my grandfather started Saul motor company in Pelican Rapids Minnesota, selling Fords and later Lincoln's and Mercury's. During the worst of the depression he sold out to a local man and went on an extended holiday car trip in a Hupmobile, eventually arriving in Florida and living there for a time. After several years he came back to Minnesota and bought back the dealership and moved to Crookston Mn. My father took over in 1956 when grandpa passed and continued until the late 60's when he sold out and got into truck business selling Mack's. During the 60's I hung around the dealership and worked in the body shop during summer breaks, I remember the change from lead to bondo and how we balanced tires on the car. I still remember riding around in a Ford model T for the 4th of July parade. Anyway I couldn't shake the love of cars and especially foreign cars much to my fathers chagrin.
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