Saturday, January 2, 2010

Spring Comparison

Here's a side by side comparison of the spring options I had for the 128. The 2 on the far left are X19 rear springs, next to that are 124 Spider springs, then some springs from Speedway Motors in pruple and finally on the far right the original 128 springs with 2.5 coils cut off. The best option without a doubt was the x19 setup.


JC Ellis said...

Hey Guys,

Just wanted to say thanks for the warning on cutting too much spring off the front of my 3P. I ended up taking 1.1 coils off each side. My father-in-law helped me heat the cut ends to sit flush in the perches (by the second one, we were getting pretty good at it.)

The struts are back together and I'd love to tell you how they worked...but I'm locked in a life-or-death battle with the control arm ball joint. The PO left a set of new left and right arms in the trunk when he sold the car. The joints were tight, but the seals were shot, so I thought I'd replace them while I was up front messing around with the struts. Heat is my only choice now to get that darn ball joint loose.

BTW, Happy New Year and keep up the great blog.

JC Ellis

hawk said...

Same to your JC
Glad you have your car sorted, shoot us a photo if you like