Thursday, January 14, 2010

It lives!



Top Notch said...

Very Cool! It does sound good

rambler said...

Nice blog! Just stumbled in. Going through my own 600/850 drama right now. Congrats on the running motor.

JC Ellis said...

Yee Haw!

Way to go, Chris!

hawk said...

Thanks! It's getting a little closer to actually driving now. Hey Rambler what kind of project do you have going?

rambler said...

I have a '60 600 with an early 843 motor in it. The car had been nicely modified with dual front radiators, flares, etc. and was an old club racer out of WA I believe.
I painted the car and got it running. Just got done watching the Brit show "Wheeler Dealers" where they bought and fixed a 500; have to say that I share the same fascination with the simple and elegant design. Lots of fun to work on!
I do wish I had stumbled on that PBS motor deal that you got!